What we do

Started in 2013 by entrepreneur Stephen Narsoo, Kite Capital specialises in data intelligence, combining analytics with location-based software to source and leverage new forms of knowledge and insights.


By converting data into intelligence, we can better understand how things fit together, live together and influence each other. This allows us to solve for specific problems across communities, industries, cities and countries.


Our work is converting data into practical intelligence: #DataForGood. We layer multiple data sets spatially or chronologically to “see” what these relationships reveal – what they show us; teach us; warn us about. And we then assist you to act.

Our Story

Our story – and journey – continues to be one of challenge, inspiration and the relentless pursuit of our vision.


While we cut our teeth in consulting, our expertise and experience set is diverse, multi-faceted and complementary.


We have always worked in cities; large and small, at the coalface of complex relationships and interactions. Much of our work has been directly with communities: engaging with them directly so that anything modelled was an accurate and true reflection of their reality. In this way we have ensured that we remain advocates for good – not perpetuators of what is easy.


Much of our earlier work focused specifically on data collection and interpretation; with the final outcome often shared as recommendations or suggestions for others to implement.


Our intricate understanding of global economic realities across business, government and communities means that we are now playing a far more active role in implementation of solutions: guiding, monitoring and empowering others to own these directly.


There is a #RebelForGood in each of us: that single unifying characteristic and quality in every member of our team. We rise in the face of challenge; are inspired by the global ingenuity and resilience we see around us; and are genuinely compelled to contribute and build cities, nations and regions that sustain, support and enable current and future generations – inviting our clients, communities and stakeholders to do the same.


Very simply, in an ever-changing world, we help you see better.

What we know

As a team of data scientists, story tellers, journalists – and most importantly creative citizens – we know that we cannot solve for tomorrow with the same solutions we’re using today. Cutting-edge future technology must be used to change our present.


That’s why we’ve created two distinct solution sets:


Kite Intelligence: focuses on data analytics’ intelligence consulting, including data sourcing, mapping and interpretation – enabling you to model your business reality in space through spatial analytics. This ensures you have a clear picture of who you are and where you’re going.


Kite Software: our in-house innovation lab develops our own proprietary software, helping businesses like yours become more agile in a changing environment.


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