The Bootcamp

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The Bootcamp

Are you looking for practical business model training that gives you the skills and confidence to go digital? Whether you are a restaurant owner, a banker, a city official, a school teacher, an investor, a consultant, a business owner or an employee, then this training program is for you. Why you may ask? The Bootcamp is a start-up school for digital entrepreneurs. 


Digitisation is changing everything, especially in the workplace. As we adopt new technologies, we all need a skill set that helps us manage and stay ahead of innovation. The new work environment, dubbed Workplace 4.0, means that every individual would have to broaden their skills and become more digitally entrepreneurial. A doctor may have to learn how to code, or an employee may train to manage the company's social media page. The reality is that to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to become digital entrepreneurs. This Bootcamp empowers you. Training you to be a digital entrepreneur, you will gain the skill and knowledge to create and manage digital businesses. By making an investment in this training, you are taking a powerful step towards digital empowerment. Whether you want to start your own business, become more marketable, or prepare for funding, then The Bootcamp for Digital Entrepreneurs will help you gain the skills to own and manage your digital business.  

What you get

Results Driven


A results driven training program. No time to waste. Our goal is to quickly give you the skills you need to operate effectively. 

Individualised Learning

We want to share the most innovative strategies with you. Things that have taken us years to learn. Our goal is to help you, through face to face closed learning sessions.

Universal & Adaptable


We provide you with the toolkit & templates that you can re-use & adapt for any digital business. 

Activity Based


Learn by doing, an interactive dynamic training format. We set your goals and activities, we coach & mentor you, so that you build your model efficiently.

Innovative Teaching

We have developed our program around six teaching-bots, to help participants learn fast & act quickly. Each bot represents a part of the business model. There are six bots: 1) User 2) Customer 3) Platform 4) Revenue 5) Price and 6) Distribution.


Our goal is to make the complex stuff simple, so that you can focus on what's important-making money.  It’s fun and intensely interactive. Each bot represents a critical component of the digital business model. It defines how you can compete in the market, helping you design a model that you can position, rank, score and make your move in relation to your competitors.

Each bot is a framework, we give you a standard framework to build your digital business model, its universal and reusable. It’s adaptable and customisable for any digital product. We have provided the standard frameworks, to save time, money and human resources. Each bot is also a thinking tool, asking a set of questions, that fosters fresh thinking and gets into the why? 

Our teaching: six-bots

Hello, I am the User-bot, from me you will discover:

  • Get into the hearts & minds of your users

  • Problem reframing exercises to overcome biases

  • Develop a product vision

  • Construct your product feature list

Good day, I am the Revenue-bot, 'show me the money':

  • Become master of digital revenue models

  • Productivity, diversity & profitability mappings

  • Developing your hybrid model

  • Getting product/revenue fit

  • High profit driver analysis

Hey, I am the Customer-bot, I help you to:

  • Get your early customers

  • Understand scale & tipping points

  • Get into psychology of buying behaviour

  • Define & target early adopters through in-depth analysis

  • Develop customer acquisition roadmaps

Whatsup, I am the Price-bot, let us, learn:

  • Powerful techniques for product pricing

  • Perform Hybrid modelling techniques

  • Develop your strategies for revenue maximisation

Howdy, I am the Network-bot, we will:

  • Make you understand platforms

  • Help you design a market platform that best suits your product

  • Learn how your platform design makes money 

  • Map flows between customers/users

Yo, I am the Distribution-bot, check this out:

  • Learn distribution models

  • Map channel ecosystems

  • Stakeholder targeting using social media

  • Develop legal frameworks and options

  • Get the best fit model for customers


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