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So you have spent time and energy working on a business plan or product strategy. You are ready to pitch to potential investors, the board, the executive team or your bank manager. Or are you launch ready? Is your business plan and strategy up to scratch?  Product Strategy Readiness (PSR) is not only critical for negotiation but a good plan avoids much of the risk associated with costly product development. 

Digital IQ is the go-to diagnostic for start-ups and companies, it provides a comprehensive assessment of your business plan and product strategy. It identifies areas for improvement. It scores and evaluates the quality of your plan and provides clear recommendations for improvement.


Comprised of over 50 key indicators we developed Digital IQ to help businesses become investor-ready, by giving them access to a simple yet effective evaluation tool, at a price they can afford. We help companies understand where they are, and the concrete steps they need to take, to improve their product strategies. Are you a start-up looking to test your product strategy? Are you a corporate wanting to develop a new product or digitize an existing product? Then Digital IQ is your go-to solution. 

What you get

Benchmark your readiness


A precise end-to-end assessment of your readiness based on multiple scoring factors; from vision to indicators. Establish a baseline. You receive a comprehensive evaluation report with notes for improvement and recommendations. 

Access mission-critical data

Knowing where you are (baseline) and your future value, gives you a greater sense of the present value of your business. This mission-critical data will put you in a better negotiating position with your potential investor. Is your product vision clearly defined? Have you chosen the right performance indicators?  Are your product benefits and features clear? we help you cover all the bases. 

Continuous assessment & performance monitoring


We offer a free evaluation of your product strategy once, you have made the necessary adjustments and changes based on our recommendations. 

Intelligent reporting


Use your evaluation report, to provide feedback to investors, identify gaps in your strategy and work on areas for improvement. 

Getting you investment ready

Benchmark your readiness

Knowing where you are at


Identify critical skills gaps in your team

Measure leadership capability

Practical steps to improve capacity 

Access mission critical data

A stronger position


Make sure you have covered all the bases

Assess your strategic thinking

Gain confidence from an expert perspective

Continuous Assessment & Monitoring

Track your progress


Rank & Score your product strategy

Improve your readiness score with clear instructions

Repeat assessment to improve score

Intelligent Reporting

Power in your hands


Quick & Easy Access

Fast turnaround times & access to comprehensive readiness report. Information provided on simple, easy to read graphs, text and tables. Explanation notes and improvement tips. 

Flexibility & easy exchange 

Multiple file formats, exchangeable between word, excel, pdf. Access to database files for easy extraction. 


Access and download report at any time


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