Daniel Brink

Chief Product Officer

Daniel Brink is the CPO of Kite Capital (Pty) Ltd and Kite AIR (Pty) Ltd. He is relentless about building customer focused solutions through delivering seamless digital products.


Daniel holds a BSc with Honours Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Urban Planning with a specialisation in Renewable Energy technologies. He has a diverse range of skills and experience in UX Design, Data analytics, Data Visualisation, Product Management, Agile Scrum, Product Leadership, Lean Product Development, UI Design and Product Market Strategy.


He participated in 2 years of focused business incubation during which Kite Capital was involved in Aurik Business Accelerator. He has been involved in Kite Capital from the start and has developed exciting multi-platform software technology from hundreds of product iterations to produce authentic and lasting customer centric value.


Daniel believes in taking extreme ownership for his products and leads with a desire to ensure that everyone shares a single love for creating and innovating for the customer. He is decisive and collaborative in his approach to agile management. His ability to clearly communicate sophisticated concepts makes for an inclusive and humble working environment.


His passion to curate and produce practical visions, relies on a balance of preparation, innovation, team building and assertiveness. His expertise is practically augmented by action from painstakingly developed products and underpinned by key product leadership and design principles.


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Johannesburg, South Africa, 2007.