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About Us

At Kite we believe in the power of ideas. We specialise in digital product development (DPD) which we define as the complete creative process of bringing a new product to life. Our business is about creating our own proprietary software but also training companies, start-ups and individuals in our style and process of product development. We get companies to sponsor start-ups to go through our training bootcamps. This funding also covers basic living expenses while start-up founders are building their products. We also make investments in start-ups whom we believe have great potential. We are masters at spotting great ideas, pivoting ideas towards greatness and figuring out how to get these ideas to market. We also introduce start-ups to investors and help founders to prepare pitches and investor packs. 

We believe that the epicentre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is digital learning and entrepreneurship. We know that Africa is the nexus of new innovation and entrepreneurship. We are committed to building human centred digital products that make a difference in the lives of people in Africa. We have a robust software design, engineering and research backbone. Our innovation lab provides practical training for digital transformation, fluency and the promotion of digital literacy. We believe that digital transformation in organisations is about personal self-mastery. According to the World Economic Forum, in order for people to flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are going to have to learn about new technologies. Kite Capital is committed to spreading this knowledge, making skills development more accessible and easily attainable. 

Our Story


Kite Capital was founded by Stephen Narsoo in 2013. Growing up in a rough township of Johannesburg, South Africa, Stephen realised that the only way out of poverty was through education. Amidst the violence, drugs and gangsterism, Stephen found solace at home with granny, grandpa, uncle, aunt and mother: who inspired creative action through music, art, dance and poetry. From early on he began to write, draw, paint and make things; such as wooden go-carts, bows and of course, hand-made kites. The name Kite Capital comes from the tradition of making kites. Every year when kite season started, Stephen began making and selling kites to the kids in his neighbourhood. This is when his first taste of selling things began. Kite Capital is a place where invention meets entrepreneurship. 

This passion for turning ideas into products endured. He holds a BSc in City Planning and a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning at the University of Los Angeles California (UCLA), he is a Ford Foundation Scholar, a UCLA alum, and has spent more than fifteen years as a management consultant, providing advisory services to government and private sector.

Between 2013 and 2018, he has built three companies from the ground up. Two have failed and one has been successful. Kite Capital is a culmination of years of professional learning and expertise. A team of dedicated software engineers, trainers and product developers make up the Kite Capital team, each one passionately committed to building innovative digital products.

Our Mission


Our mission is to empower communities to develop digital products that change the world and to bridge the digital divide through the promotion of digital learning and product development. After six years of struggling to find the right methodology to build digital business models, we realised that we needed to create our own process, that gave us the best possible chance of success. This led us to a natural conclusion, that we needed to help other entrepreneurs do the same. We developed the Digital Product Development method for this purpose, it is defined as the creative process through which digital business models are developed. It's a blend of art and science. A creative, quick and effective method for designing a business model. 

Why? Well for two reasons, firstly software is not like any other product. It needs special attention and needs a different kind of business model that helps entrepreneurs match product with the customer. Secondly, to reap the benefits from this digital revolution everyone needs to be empowered. Our true potential will only be unlocked if everyone knows how to design digital businesses and manage its value. We are all entrepreneurs. Through years of experience, we discovered that there is a major gap in the skills needed to design business models for digital products. That software innovation is moving faster than our ability to grasp the business models that are being created in the process.


Our first goal is to ensure that we move from idea to business model in the shortest possible time. The pace of  innovation is bewildering and therefore we needed to create a process for entrepreneurs that got them to market quickly. Secondly, quality is vital, a well-designed digital business model helps to minimise business failure, we designed a process that tests the quality of the ideas and thinking. Lastly, creativity is essential, digital businesses must be designed with creativity at the core. Creativity is the only thing that gives digital entrepreneurs a fighting chance. Based on years of research, we discovered that the best start-ups, have developed creative ways of getting products to market. In many instances it involved out of the box thinking and unusual execution. Our mission is to empower others to do the same. 

We are all entrepreneurs. Our true potential will only be unlocked if everyone knows how to design digital businesses and manage its value.

Product Offerings

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The Bootcamp

The bootcamp is an intensive training designed from our New Product Development method. It is a results based training program. It gives entrepreneurs a framework that is universal and reusable. An activities based program, you gain the valuable skills needed to design a robust business model for digital products, and learn our secrets for getting your product to market. 

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Digital IQ

Digital IQ is an online tool that you can use to measure the performance of your digital business. As a collection of data analytics dashboards, it contains the mission critical indicators that you need to effectively measure; sales, marketing, product development, revenue and price. It's great for reporting to your investors, or just keeping in touch with where your business is. 


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