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Kite believes in responsible media sharing to credit artists for their work, respect creators wishes about how their work is used and to promote the collaborative construction of a just and supportive creator community. 

To this end, every picture on this website is either from the WIX free to use content website which you can find at the link below, along with thier terms of use, or from one of Kite Capital's featured Photographers below. 

If you'd like to use material on this site for a project of your own, please note note the copyright type of the picture and have a look at the use rules for the copy right type, just below the photographers featured here. 

Any questions, feel  to contact the photographers directly or to chat to us at Kite!

Daniel Brink

Town Planner and City Photographer

Daniel is part of Kite's own in-house graphics and design team, but his talents extend far beyond that. His picture show an eye for detail and unique city perspectives. All of his work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution only copyright. For any questions please contact him at XXXXXXXX








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