• Stephen Narsoo

Becoming multi-lingual

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The virtue of learning new coding languages So one of our programmers was motivating the need for Kite Capital to expand our programming resource library. Something we had been planning for a while. His motivation was simple “you see with all the new developments in programming languages like Kotlin and Django, by not improving our knowledge, its much like driving a car from Joburg to Cape Town with minimal directions. I know I will get there, but the question is how long. If I knew a little more about a lot (programming languages beyond my one specialisation) then don’t you think I would get to Cape Town a lot faster.” Who can argue with that. Got me thinking, the best we can do for our development teams is to make sure there is sufficient intellectual support available for the dev process to be accelerated. Obviously balancing the need for speed with quality.



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