• Stephen Narsoo

Trains, planes and automobiles: developing a product ecosystem

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Is Uber over evaluated? Can Uber reach the same long term stability like Amazon did? Analysts are comparing the two. I say they are very different businesses with diversely different models. One an e-commerce portal and the other an on-demand sharing service. I would not buy Uber, too soon, can’t see how Uber can evolve into an ecosystem of services like Amazon. I would wait two years before taking a bet like this.

What is important is the way in which Uber is developing a host of new enterprise focussed applications. Such as the ability to manage of a fleet of vehicles, or ride share for other modes of transport such as bicycles, scooters and even auto rickshaws. This is pretty exciting. One of the key lessons about product development for companies such as Uber, is the powerful position a single focussed business has. One that can generate billions of dollars and then is able to diversify into different kinds of products and continue to disrupt in different markets.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb, Amazon, Google, never stop innovating. They consciously build an innovation engine, by hiring some of the smartest people and investing considerably in research and development. It is an unwavering commitment to constant learning and discovery that has spawned a generation of tech giants. It's not just the innovation but the ability to match invention with finding markets and working out fine strategies for outcompeting in markets. It' simply unprecedented in human history. Watch out for my next blog of mapping product evolutions of digital companies.

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