• Stephen Narsoo

Harnessing the power of technology towards sustainable development

Sustainable development is transformation of the self. Transforming the self is sustainable development. By learning to heal ourselves, we inevitably unearth our natural powers to take care of the earth. Transforming the world and changing the self - exist as equal and opposite forces. True sustainability is about coexistence, is about reaching deep within so that we can reach further into the world to create peace and harmony. Being right within allows us to see ourselves are part of integrated connectedness with people and planet.

The world is going through incredible churning, this rupturing is because our ways are unsustainable. There is a global movement of people who are seeking ways in which to live more harmoniously, they need the support and knowledge about the self and earth to usher in a new future more attuned to harmony and peace. There are many life workers in the world and these are the people who will create the change in the world.

It is a tumultuous time so much is happening and so much is going wrong. We need to radically reconsider the way in which we are living on the earth. Our current culture is destroying the natural world and our most important cultural heritages are at risk. Billions of people on the planet will create untold environmental problems. As more natural resources are needed to feed, clothe provide housing and water to billions of people living in cities. At the same time we are witnessing an explosion of human innovation and consciousness unprecedented in human history. Amidst this massive change we need to steady ourselves. And we need to learn new ways of using technology to avert a global crisis. Going outside and in, moving and learning the ways for true transformation.

Everyone who is born has an opportunity to find peace and harmony and make their lives count. No matter how rich or poor you are, this is possible for everyone. There’s a magic that dwells within all of us. And so the first part of a magical existence is about self-discovery. This is about uncovering the genius that already exists in us. The natural gift, our inherited gifts. The things that we are born to do. The second part is about knowing what makes us human. Knowing about the essential science of the soul- living, dying and dreaming. And finding practical ways to heal and promote healing amongst our family and friends and the world. To do this, we have to know about how to work with the body and the soul which are interconnected.

The third part of earth life living is our connection to the outside world, to other people and nature. Our magic as humans is also about a deep connection to the natural world. There are certain things we need to know about how we live in this world. One of the most important endeavours is how we can learn and experiment with new ways of living that feeds energy back into the earth. Technology serves its ultimate purpose when harnessed to bring about sustainability. Our cities must become places for the highest form of sustainable living. The last 300 years of human existence has been about taking away energy from the earth. Our entire cultural economic system is based on getting and taking instead of giving. In the words of the Zen Buddhist Ticht Naht Hahn we have over borrowed from the earth. And so we learn to recover the most essential aspects of living in harmony with the earth. We need to see technology as an enabler of sustainable development and self-transformation. Yet I believe that our technology is increasingly at odds with achieving our inner peace and teaching us to live in ways more attuned to nature. How can we change this around? In a series of thought experiments, I will be exploring this concept in my blogs by uncovering breakthrough technologies that are bringing us closer to global peace and ecological harmony.



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