• Stephen Narsoo

The Forest Burns "Is technology bringing us closer to ecological sustainability?"

We are producing more data than ever in history. A quintillion bytes everyday. The internet of things, billions of objects that are connected is already upon us. But as the Amazon Forests burn, I am wondering whether we are harnessing the power of technology towards it's ultimate purpose? It is Don Tapscott that said it's not about the networking of objects thats important but rather the networking of human intelligence through digital objects. More than just networking intelligence, it is the intelligence that leads to human global action, that is of importance. That provides the hope of averting the social-economic-ecological crisis we are facing. I wonder, how can we harness the power of the internet to create a new world order? How can we use the power of collective action with the internet to bring about greater ecological sustainability and peace? If we have to sum up all the innovation in the world, can we truly say, our technological innovation is bringing us closer to ecological sustainability?



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