Consciousness in the digital city

March 4, 2017

This is the age of networked human intelligence. When applied to research, networked human intelligence can create a new urban order. A higher level of thinking, knowledge, modes of being and even possibly internetworked consciousness amongst citizens. Indeed, with millions of people living in cities, the role of business, civil society and governments, inculcating higher forms of consciousness is critical for our survival. How we transform our organisations will determine whether we survive our cities.


All businesses are now located in cities. Networking intelligence for businesses can change the intelligence of a business by bringing collective know how to bear of problem solving and innovation. By opening up channels of communication, consciousness can be extended from individuals to organisations. Unconscious cities, with unconscious business, government and citizenry cannot learn (After Tapscott 1997).


And learning is a precondition for surviving this uncertain and tumultuous new urban future. Networked learning is the missing link in an organization’s learning and it is the conscious city that will survive the 21st century. (After Tapscott 1997).


Networked intelligence can be extended beyond businesses and organizations to create a broader awakening of social consciousness in urban communities and beyond. The goal is to be able to harness our collective intelligence through the power of technology to create opportunities for shared wealth, deep democracy and social justice. To do this we have to change the way in which we manage the relationships of businesses with government and society. This entails a whole new way of thinking and acting for businesses. And it entails a new model for collective and collaborative management.


The likes of which we have not seen.

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